Corinna Helenelund is a Finnish artist working with sculpture and installation. She graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 2013 (MFA) and has since been living and working on the country side of Porvoo, Finland, and in Berlin. Her recent work has been seen at Titanik, Turku; Kunstverein Göttingen; Norrköpings Konstmuseum; EKKM, Tallinn; The Community, Paris; Sinne, Helsinki and with Jupiter Woods at Interstate, New York. Occasionally she also works with stage design. Her practise has been supported by the The Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Kone Foundation, The Arts Promotion Center Finland and Frame contemporary art. 2018 she was a resident at HIAP, Helsinki.

Helenelunds work has its base in the impossibility to fit and keep the morphing formlessness of life inside the human body, with a pull towards intense emotional states and their distorted proportions and perspectives, and an interest in how inner stirrings warp our experience of the outer world while our surroundings pour their colors on us.

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